NANA Hospice care is a journey for the patient and family who are facing end-of-life decisions.  Central to the care provided, is the appreciation for the bond between the patient and their loved ones and the importance of extending total comfort to the whole family.


The Hospice philosophy affirms life.  It neither hastens nor postpones death.  Hospice care focuses on treating the person rather than the disease, working to manage symptoms so that the patient's last days are spent with dignity and quality, while also giving assistance and respite to the family caregiver.


Choosing NANA Hospice means you are never alone, never without support.  When needed, nursing is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Hospice is patient and family centered.  Patients remain in their homes and have access to the familiar, bringing a sense of connection and comfort.  Families participate in planning and caregiving, and receive the support of the Hospice Team and respite when needed. 


You team will coordinate and supervises all care. This team may include: doctors and nurses, social workers, home health aides, homemakers, spiritual and bereavement counelors and volunteers.  They provide holistic, comprehensive care focused on meeting the complex physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of the patient and family.

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